Matt's Fishing Adventures YouTube Channel

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    Call 361-236-3397 to fish with Capt. Matthew Valadez. I offer a Personalized bay fishing charter trip by Boat and Kayak. I target all species such as Redfish, Trout, Black Drum, Flounder, Sheephead, and EVEN Alligator Gar! Don't forget to call 361-236-3397 TODAY TO BOOK YOUR TRIP!

  • How the brand came along!

    Late 2017 it was senior year I had just graduated and honestly school just isn't my thing. Now mention school of fish and I'm ready to get a line wet. Anyways I bought my first kayak, couple of gopros and named a YouTube channel after me. That's how Matt's Fishing Adventures came about, based off YouTube, with the continuous support between YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, I decided to take my thoughts and experiences from what I visualize on the water and put those ideas down into the Merchandise. With your helpful support hopefully well be around for a long time. #mattsfishingadventures on social media and lets see those awesome catches.

  • Offshore Adventures

    Although I come from a inshore background, over the past couple years I've evolved into a big fish addict, so I have chosen to take the offshore adventure to a new level. Each day I see being on the water as a new learning experience. The adventures are endless and I'm a thrill chaser!

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